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My name is Teri Pastorino, a.k.a. Tech Implementer, Funnel Automator, ‘Email Engineer‘, Astrologer, Certified Human Design & Alignment Specialist. I am Leo Sun & Rising with a Scorpio Moon and a 5/1 Splenic Orchestrator (Projector).

When Human Design & Astrology Discovered me it was life changing. Suddenly I had a deeper understand of myself and to living and working authentically.

I felt I had been handed a key that opened the door to deeper understanding; why and how I interact with others, the work I choose and why other peoples ‘formulas’ don’t work for me. Also where my love of teaching comes from and why on funnel automation projects I am able to see the BIG picture of how all those pieces need to fit together to work properly! ( I really thought everyone had this ability)

I actually remember feeling SO understood that I even got a bit teary eyed. So whether you need Tech Guidance or Blueprint Guidance or a little of both, you landed in the right place. I am here to help you!

I want to share this gift of understanding so that you can get to know your true authentic self and and create the business you are imaging. Let us discover your Blueprint and see what gifts your design brings to this world. Are you ready to do the work?

“I want every client I work with to know I care and that they’ve found a friend and ally!”

Tech Set Up & Funnel Automations

tech Guidance:

You need assistance with email platform set up and automations

You need your product/launch funnel automated (email, AccessAlly et. al.)

We start with assessing your business needs and goals and mapping out a scope of work that works with your budget and timing. Nothing hidden and all completed work is yours to manage and optimize as the need arises.

Are you ready to Automate and increase your revenue?

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Quantum Human Design, Astrology & Archetypes

blueprint Guidance:

Learn about your Human Design type, Authority, profile & Decision Making Strategy

Learn about Your Astrology Natal Chart; Sun, Moon, Rising

Learn your Archetypes, how to develop and bring in the appropriate ones for leadership, facilitation & creativity

Quantum Human Design
Quantum Alignment System
Astrology University Year One
Debra Silverman Astrology

We start with the basics and peel back the layers as we go through the layers of your chart(s). I step through in language you can understand and relate to as it applies to your life. I send you on your way to process and work through what we discuss. Then when you are ready to learn more and dive deeper I will be here waiting for you so we can discover another layer of what makes you the unique one of a kind being that you are.

Human Design is an incredible tool that allows us to unlock your true potential, strengths and weaknesses, to improve and live a more fulfilling life.

Are you ready to learn about your unique superpowers? Book your reading now.

Get your free mini APR Archetypal Assessment, Natal or Human Design Chart.