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You and your products are unique to you and your brand. So why would you want your membership site to look like everyone else’s? Using your WordPress website and the AccessAlly plugin you have the ability to create a custom membership website that reflects your unique brand and content. AccessAlly is an all-in-one solution with features that include; quizzes & gamification, upsell/cross sell/order bumps, affiliate capabilities, teams, subscriptions, and so much more. Are you ready to get started with AccessAlly Courses and Membership?

getting started

Is AccessAlly right for your Business?

This is you You are launching or redesigning your course or membership website. You have your funnel planned out and an outline for your content and might even have some of it created. You’re ready to get your course/membership set up and have a launch date goal.

What you want  A thoughtfully designed custom membership site that is user friendly & easy to navigate with room too grow. The flexibility to customize the type of courses, delivery method and subscription options.

How we help We will build your membership/course site starting from the plugin install and environment set up to course launch. We use Beaver Builder, Elementor, Kadence based builder options. Services include creating the courses, products & delivery methods, checkout, gamification, course page template, content input, testing and launch. We do the structure set up, integrations & automations. You provide the content, brand assets and space to be involved in the project. Read on to learn about our services and pricing.
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Let’s get your AccessAlly Site Set Up!

Package One – Just The Basics

installation + Set up

Plugin installation
Environment setup
AccessAlly Template install 

services may include

Template set up: Sample Product/Offer/Promo
Limited support & training to keep you on track

for the client that:

Is tech savvy or working with a development team that can do the heavy lifting but that doesn’t know AccessAlly and the setup. 

This package is for the client that has already started the process of creating their website and design that will be using the AccessAlly plugin. This client is generally WordPress & Page Builder savvy and prefers to be hands on; adding content and formatting as they go. This also is for the client that is working with a website developer that is not familiar with AccessAlly and only needs the structure set up and key instructions so that they can build out the content.
* Contact for Pricing

Package Two – Your First Course

installation + set up

Plugin installation
Environment setup
AccessAlly Template install 
Training & Documentation

pages + course

Your first course:

Product + Offer

Checkout page
CRM Email Automations to Sales Funnel 

This package is for the client that has their sales funnel ‘planned’ out, launch timeframe/deadline, and course content (mostly) completed. From the plugin install setup to input of content this will have you covered. It includes all the same services as the Basic package except we are doing the hands on work instead of your team. This will include your first course: structure, content, delivery, order forms and upsells. If you choose to use your CRM, it includes your core email automations (i.e., purchase confirmation, course access, content release notifications, sales/nurture sequence, abandoned cart).
** Please note that ProgressAlly may be required for some of the features mentioned
* Contact for Pricing

Package Three – Course + Membership

installation + Setup

Plugin install/setup
Course Template installation
Training & Documentation

Services maybe INclude

ProgressAlly – Progress Tracking
Quizzes, Notes, Lists
Multiple Courses/Levels 

services may include

Membership/Course migration
CRM Automations
Teams/Affiliate System

Most clients start with a course and then build their way to a membership site. Some clients come in with many courses mapped out and in development OR are looking to migrate their courses from another platform. This package is for the client that is planning to utilize the majority of features available in AccessAlly and ProgressAlly
** Please note that ProgressAlly may be required for some of the features mentioned
* Contact for Pricing

*We work with Elementor, BeaverBuilder & Kadence
**Some features mentioned require ProgressAlly

Let’s get down to business

Here’s What Clients Have to Say

United Endurance Sports Coaching

Rick Prince

“..a big thank you for re-engineering the registration/check out process. December was our biggest month to date and January is off to a great start…I certainly believe that I owe all credit to you fixing the issues and re-engineering the checkout/registration process.” 

“… it’s such a relief to finally have someone in my corner that I know communicates well, is capable and most importantly, someone that I trust!”

Direct to Success

Minessa Konecky

I was looking for someone to help me at LITERALLY the last minute with getting my AA course up and running AND setting up the entire email workflow that went with it. As a small business owner, I don’t have a lot of money, and so I was trying to do it all myself. The deadline was approaching and honestly I wasn’t even CLOSE to figuring out what needed to be done, much less find a way to do it. I found Teri and she was a blessing.

She jumped right in with almost no specs or guidelines, and worked with my vague instructions sent while I was busy having a conniption about the impending deadline. Shes calm and adept at working with entrepreneurs who don’t have a lot of time and need stuff done fast. She always asks questions to make sure she fully understands and will go the extra mile to help you with your project. Honestly she felt less like a contractor and more like part of my team. If you’re looking for someone who is as invested in your success as you are – Teri is the way to go.

Homesteader Me

Rodney Brandt

I consider myself pretty savvy; I build tech projects for a living. But Teri taught me some things about AccessAlly and my CRM, particularly around best practice, that I didn’t know.
I needed help figuring out how to split my main course into smaller pieces – I needed someone who could not only execute the technical aspects of my project, but help me think through it strategically. Teri mapped out an execution plan based on everything we discussed. 

In addition to creating all of the new courses, there were many scenarios that needed to be cared for: each with it’s own email automation that needed to be timed and then built in the CRM. Teri figured all of it out for me.
What I appreciated most is that Teri didn’t simply execute the tech; she looked out for me. Several times, she would say: “Have you thought about this?” or “We need to make sure we do this.” It was clear to me that she was invested in my success.