I help creatives build a profitable business!

Welcome! I’m Teri!

I know that creating a business takes more than good ideas and pixie dust. Setting up all the tech and sales funnel automation that run your business can be overwhelming!

That’s where I come in

You have ideas now what?

As a fellow creative, artist & big idea person, I understand just how difficult it can be to translate your ideas into a business that reflects who you are and the wisdom you are here to share. Never mind setting up all the tech and funnel automation needed to run your online business.  

I specialize in helping business owners just like you to develop the strategies and set up the tech that makes you money on autopilot (aka Automation). 

Leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Let’s Uncomplicate This!

I see you…

25+ tabs open in 5 different browser windows 

Your eyes glazing over and you still can’t find what you’re looking for

SOOOO deep down the research rabbit hole and still no closer to ‘how to’ than when you began

no idea how to make the email/membership/website tech all work together

ALL while trying follow the latest ‘formula’ for building your 6 figure dream business

I get it! Been there done that

Running an online business can be hard but it doesn’t need to feel impossible. 

You just want ‘all the things’ set up, and know that it all just works

Like that moment when you plugin in the twinkly lights and all the bulbs light up

ahhhh Magical


“I wish my brain worked like yours...

Teri quickly understood my problems, rechecked for clarification, answered all my questions, made excellent suggestions, finished ahead of our deadline, documented everything for my future reference, and gave me the confidence to move forward. I consider Teri a valuable member of my team—someone I can rely on to guide and help me whenever I hit the swirling waters of business and technology.

Susan Gaddis

Life Coach for Christian Women over 50

When I’m not Being Nerdy

I Enjoy:

art journaling
curling up with a good book
playing board games
Human Design/Astrology

I Believe:

That honesty is the best policy
That being is becoming
There is magic in everyday things
In Progress NOT Perfection
The best discussions happen around the dinner table

I am:

Married to the man I met while training for the Anchorage Marathon
Mom to 3 Amazing young adults
Nanny to 3 Rescue dogs
Passionate about learning new things
A bit of a tech nerd